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Our community are women, men, girls and boys of every fitness level, every age and every background who come together to learn, discover, connect and grow. We were born in 2015 and exist to engage more people in the joy of swim, bike and run for healthier, happier lives.

Most of our community training courses are run by volunteer coaches from Strive Ltd and supported by our Community Activators, who give up their time to help more people experience the positive impact multisport can have.  We do everything we can to make all of our community activities safe and enjoyable for everyone to take part and welcome anyone who wants to join in.


In addition to events, Try A Tri Guernsey offers free and low cost training for anyone to take part in throughout the year.


Throughout the year on Sundays, anyone can join Sunday Run Club; a free, social group run for every ability and ideal for those starting out on their running journey.  Each week, a location is posted on our Facebook page (usually on Saturday afternoon), and the group will meet at 8.30am when a Run Leader will assign a rough route and time to run.  We turnaround at the half way point so no matter how fast you run, the group ends up back at the start at the same time.  We then go for coffee and cake! 

GIRLS RUN (Free, School term times, ages 13-18 only)

If you are a young woman aged between 13 and 18, join our Girls Run group every Wednesday at 4pm. Our aim is to offer an alternative to timetabled PE lessons and traditional sports clubs. We want to support young women at this crucial stage of their life and help them to stay active, build confidence and self-esteem. We don't care about speed, fitness levels, what you wear or whether you're naturally sporty. Our aim is to help you create the right environment and approach for you to enjoy fitness. If you are interested in joining us, drop us an email

STROKES & STRIDES (£5 a session, MAY - NOV)

During the open water season, we host group sea swims and / or group runs every Wednesday evening at 6.30pm.  We use 4 locations throughout the summer (Pembroke, Cobo, Havelet and Fermain Bay) and select each one by Monday.  Those swimming can select to join the Short, Mid or Long swims, with increasing distances for each group. Usually, the Short group stay close to the shallows to help those less experienced swimmers feel comfortable to join us.  Those who wish to run, can join Run Leaders who will follow a route for a time.  After swims and runs, the group enjoy hot drinks and cake treats on the beach supplied by the community (but bring your own mug!). 

In order to take part in our open water swims, ALL swimmers must attend a swim induction and supply us with their medical form (supplied at inductions).  Swim inductions take place on the following dates:

June 5th, June 26th, Jul 17th.

TAT Talks (Free, ALL YEAR)

New for 2020, TAT Talks offers the community a place to listen and learn about topics that affect our bodies and minds.  Naturally, because our Community project is run by strong women, many of our talks are biased towards this half of the population. Join us for talks about the Menopause and the ways in which exercise and nutrition can help, Running as a Woman and the biomechanical and physiological differences girls and women need to be aware of, and Nutrition talks.  You can follow updates on TAT Talks by following our Facebook page.  If you have an idea for a TAT Talk please get in touch. 


Throughout the year, we run low cost training courses aimed at developing key skills and confidence to swim, bike and run


These are 5-week courses for adults that focus on developing the core skills needed to help make cycling part of your fitness regime.  These sessions are ideal for novice and intermediate cyclists looking to gain more confidence on the roads and during group rides.  The next course starts May 29th and is held every Tuesday evening at 6.30pm at St Sampsons High.  The course costs £35.


Everyone signed up, or interested in signing up to any of our events is invited to take part in free group training in the weeks leading up to the big day. These sessions cover the essentials of transition and the skills needed to feel confident going into your event.  All event training is posted on the event Facebook page, accessed via Try A Tri Guernsey facebook page.

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